All stones can be substituted upon request. Stones can be changed to genuine or synthetic versions of Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds and many more

Why not use a birthstone!

Birthstone Types and Meanings

  • January is Garnet: Safety, Protection for Health and Travels
  • February is Amethyst: Courage and Strengthening of Relationships and Love
  • March is Aquamarine: Protects Your Health
  • April is Diamond: Promotes Courage, Confidence and Attracts Love
  • May is Emerald: Fertility, Healthy Relationships and Love
  • June is Pearl: Elegance, Clarity and Love
  • July is Ruby: Protects Against Evil
  • August is Peridot: Strength and Protection
  • September is Sapphire: Purity and Wisdom
  • October is Opal: Faithfulness, Wisdom and Known to Protect Vision
  • November is Topaz: Brings About Strength and Wisdom
  • December is Turquoise: Brings About Love, Success and Financial Security

Additional charges may apply, ask us for more details.