Natures Kiss Engagement Ring

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When placing the order please let us know which color option you would like.


This Engagement Ring / Statement Ring comes in a three-part matching set.

Wedding Band / Statement Ring:



This item was handcrafted by Loni Design Group to order by local artisans in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Collectively we have over 100 years of experience bringing your dreams to reality.


Ring Options Include:

• 925 Sterling Silver
• Gold Plated Sterling Silver (Let Us Know The Color You Want With Purchase):
White, Yellow, Rose Gold (Standard or Matte), Chrome, Black, Bronze or Antique Copper
• 10k White, Yellow, Rose & Green Gold
• 14k White, Yellow, Rose & Green Gold
• 18k White, Yellow, Rose & Green Gold
• Platinum


• Band Width: 2.30mm
• Cut: Round
• Center Stone Size: 0.30, 0.50, 0.80, 1.00, 1.20, 1.50
• Moissanite created by Forever One
• Engraving available at no charge (for the first 10 characters)
• Ready to Ship in 2-3 Weeks
• Shipped with insurance.


Forever One Moissanite

• Color: Colourless (DEF)
• Clarity: VS
• Cut: Excellent
• Heat Resistance: Very High
• Fire Dispersion: 0.104 *** (by comparison Diamonds: 0.044, Ruby: 0.018, Emerald: 0.014) ***
• Brilliance Refraction Index 2.67 *** (by comparison Diamonds: 2.42, Ruby: 1.77, Emerald: 1.58) ***
• Mohs Hardness Scale: 9.25 *** (by comparison diamonds are a 10 and emeralds are 7.5) ***

Forever One Moissanite should not be confused with diamond simulants that attempt to mimic the look of a diamond. Forever One Moissanite is truly a diamond replacement as it surpasses a diamond in brilliance, fire, toughness and luster.


All stones can be substituted upon request. Stones can be changed to genuine or synthetic versions of Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds and many more

Why not use a birthstone!

Birthstone Types and Meanings

• January is Garnet: Safety, Protection for Health and Travels
• February is Amethyst: Courage and Strengthening of Relationships and Love
• March is Aquamarine: Protects Your Health
• April is Diamond: Promotes Courage, Confidence and Attracts Love
• May is Emerald: Fertility, Healthy Relationships and Love
• June is Pearl: Elegance, Clarity and Love
• July is Ruby: Protects Against Evil
• August is Peridot: Strength and Protection
• September is Sapphire: Purity and Wisdom
• October is Opal: Faithfulness, Wisdom and Known to Protect Vision
• November is Topaz: Brings About Strength and Wisdom
• December is Turquoise: Brings About Love, Success and Financial Security

Additional charges may apply, ask us for more details.


**Sizes above 10 available upon request (additional charges may apply)**

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As all of our items are handmade, minor differences may appear

Materials: White gold, Gold, Rose gold, Silver.

Customer Reviews

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If I could give this shop ten stars, I would... I cannot...

If I could give this shop ten stars, I would... I cannot believe the wonderful experience I have had with Loni Design Group, and especially Lee... I am in a long distance relationship, and I planned a trip overseas with the intention of proposing to her. I selected a ring I found on Etsy, handcrafted by Loni Design Group. I waited a little too long to order the ring, and then I also had a personalized engraving added to it as well, which extended the time that it took for the ring to be finished... Long story short, Lee and his crew went out of their way, on a WEEKEND, to get the ring finished, and check into alternative shipping methods, and got the ring to me using OVERNIGHT shipping, to my door WITHIN HOURS of my flight... I cannot believe the wonderful work they did, including going above and beyond for me. A+++!!!!

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